The Problem is Not the Problem.

Everyone I know would like to do something differently. Whether its being what they would consider to be a better Mother, a skinnier human, a more productive  person. Whatever. Everyone I know is always trying to do something better. Im going to talk about the Mother one today, because the skinnier person one still eludes me.

During this mornings pumping session I was reading Mom confessions, and so many of them have to do with not wanting to be with kids, feeling stuck with kids.  There is a  hoard of judgers ready to pounce on these people so they share these fears anonymously with the world.

 “Oh, that ungrateful Bitch gets to stay home with her kids while I have to work. I wish I was her.”

 ” What a Bitch she really said she doesn’t like to be with her own kids. Ugh.”

You know those kinds of people. Not helpful people. People who in opening their mouth add  fuel to the negative rain cloud that keeps following us around.  We always seem to lack one simple thing when we relate to each other. Understanding.

My Mom worked, and there will still days she didn’t want to be around me. There are days when we all do not want to Mother. What will not help us through that time are snotty comments.  What will? A Cheesy quote of coarse!

jack sparrow   In any down right shitty situation all we ever have to do is change our attitude. We always have the power to control the way our day goes. If you are having one of those I don’t want to Mother days and it suddenly turns into a month of those days you can change that.  You never have to sit in your problems.

What works for me?

WALKING! Sunshine is preferable, but I will take a walk in the rain if I have to.

Chamomile Tea and Lavender tea. (aka Help me not want to kill my kids tea)

Perspective.  When I would rather hide in my bed all day and binge watch shows on Netflix I remember that somewhere a Mother wishes she had her babies around to annoy her. Then I well up with tears and squish my babies.

Play! You have to get down to their level and have some fun. This audience is only fill of super fans. They  love to watch you do anything.  Have you ever noticed how a toddler will search your face to see what emotion you are giving off?  When they see you smile they smile just as big. If you need an idea dance parties are always good for a spirit lift.

If your kid acts stanky and thats the reason you don’t want to be with them.  Thats a post for later. Until then watch some Super Nanny!



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