Ten Reasons I Love My Husband.

wedding Today is my 8 year wedding Anniversary!

At this time 8 years ago I was sitting in a salon chair getting my veil secured to my head.

I have had some trouble figuring out when to write lately.

I have traded in my 5am pump for some sleep, and I have left you guys lonely.

Since I am being a slacker I figured using the blog as a platform for my Anniversary card was a win win.

This years card theme was the top ten reasons I love my wife. So keeping with that I will share with you the top ten reasons I love the Hubbs.

1. He never takes my crazy moments personally, even when they are directed toward him.

2. When he smiles the corners of his eyes bunch up hinting at the crows feet that will one day make him a very handsome aged man.

3. He lets me watch hours of Supernatural, and then escorts me to the bathroom when I have become to scared to go by myself.

4. He gets up from almost sleep to check the door when I’m not sure if it’s locked. He also gets up to adjust the temperature, get me a water, or to check a random sound that has set me into a panic.

5. He sits quietly when I am hangry, and have no idea what I want to eat.

6. He gets up in the middle of the night with the babies.

7. His love for romantic comedies.

8. He always makes me a coffee at night, and puts it in the fridge so it is cold in the morning.

9. He never tells me I can’t do something even when he wishes I would throw in the towel.

10. The way he looks at me when he grabs my hand over a pile of children and smiles.

I am beyond grateful to have a marriage that I adore being in, and even though I recognize it as something we work at it never feels like work. It feels like some craft we really love to work on that brings in a million dollar income.

My wish for today is that you make it a little easier to be loved, and if you are one of those crazy people that is just open and spewing love from your eye balls then shine it on some miserable human.

Today is for loving.



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