Parenting, the Days are Long the Years are Short.

I  sit in the middle of perfect chaos and beg to tuck all of it away in my mind. Nestle  it quickly into the crevices of my soul so I will never forget. I never want to forget these days of following after a toddler monster through the halls of the children’s museum. Breathless, and […]

Two Kids Two Years Apart Isn’t as Bad as I Thought it Would Be.

 Yesterday at Gymboree a tiny wide eyed little toddler came fumbling over to where Last Baby and I were watching Lady Baby and Hubbs partake in a class about mail. She gave me a timid little smile and then looked over at Last Baby, and touched his toes. Her Mom was not far behind her. […]

Preschool at Home: week 2

This week has not been one that I would consider to be my shining glory. I am cranky, and sleepy, and not in the mood at all to talk to anyone, let alone perk up enough to have some toddler fun. It is one of those tough shit this is your job kind of weeks. […]

How I afford to stay home with my kids.

I hear a lot of Moms say they wish they could afford to stay home with their kids. Im going to share how I do that. My families  not rich  by any means for a 6 person family we made around 70,000 dollars last year.  Granted that is double the amount  of the poverty level […]