I do not like to share my children. To the point that I want to pull OG out of school and home school the rest of the year, because I find  his first grade experience thus far to be lack luster. My child does not need to spend 6 hours in a loveless place. My […]

Beaky Haters be Trippin.

 *In our family we call a pacifier a beak. When OG was a baby my Mom started calling his pacifier a beaky. It stuck in our family. We traded in what was once a shu sha to me. ( which I had till I went into Kindergarten btw) Into the word beak. I will not […]

The Problem is Not the Problem.

Everyone I know would like to do something differently. Whether its being what they would consider to be a better Mother, a skinnier human, a more productive  person. Whatever. Everyone I know is always trying to do something better. Im going to talk about the Mother one today, because the skinnier person one still eludes […]