Fight for the Fairy Tale

My house is untidy. I want to say disgusting, but I’m doing this new thing where I try really hard to not apply my perfectionist standards to everything. So the word disgusting really does not apply here.  There is no ring of soap scum on my shower, and the kitchen floor was mopped yesterday by […]

Lonely Velcro

 Let me say that it is my Birthday week so posts might be a touch on the choppy side. I am sorry if you miss me, but absence does make the heart grow fonder right? Today I am heading to the beach solo with one of my favorite friends. No kids. Just two leo ladies […]

The Problem is Not the Problem.

Everyone I know would like to do something differently. Whether its being what they would consider to be a better Mother, a skinnier human, a more productive  person. Whatever. Everyone I know is always trying to do something better. Im going to talk about the Mother one today, because the skinnier person one still eludes […]