Compassion is so Last Season.

 I had a social media friend post a pic of a sticker on a Walmart door that was basically reminding you not to forget your baby in the hot car. People were pretty positive they would never do such a thing, and were asking who could possibly forget the baby in the car other than […]

Ten Reasons I Love My Husband.

 Today is my 8 year wedding Anniversary! At this time 8 years ago I was sitting in a salon chair getting my veil secured to my head. I have had some trouble figuring out when to write lately. I have traded in my 5am pump for some sleep, and I have left you guys lonely. […]

Iced Coffee and Perspective

I am sipping a Hazelnut Iced coffee from a  local chain called Brewed Awakenings. I did not anticipate a delectable flavored coffee today, but The Hubbs thought it wise to bring one home. Knowing that a sip of artificially flavored caffeine would calm down my urge to run his face over with a Hummer. This […]