How to Watch Orange is the New Black When You Have to Mother

vibe-new-orange-is-the-new-black-season-2-shots1. Forfeit the blog post you’ re supposed to write during your morning pump and watch an episode instead.

Hubbs woke up earlier then usual to come sit with me on the sofa. Usually he sleeps until the kids wake up while I write a post and pump at the kitchen table.

2. Hit up the Gym:

We are members of the YMCA, which I adore. So many fun things to do for families. I can leave the kids in child watch for an episode and get an elliptical session in.

3.Nap Time!

Hi  two hours of time that I am supposed to be doing chores during. The toilet may still be dirty, but I will get to episode 3.

4. Bed time.

In this house we have very strict bed time guidelines.  We know by 7:30 all the little kids will be in bed. 4 episodes later I will have to convince myself to not let another one play so I am a semi descent human tomorrow.

If you are lucky enough to have done nothing today but sit around and enjoy season 3 take a minute out to be grateful.  There are people all over the country bogged down by responsibility Seething to get home to become one with the Tv.

I am  lucky to have a job that I love.  It makes the burning desire to  heavily dose my children with cat nip, so they fall asleep and leave me to my television a fleeting thought.

Have a fantastic binge watching weekend!

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