Healing is a Buzz Word that Sucks.

Healing is a buzz word that sucks. 

Our human journeys are plagued with invitations to “heal”

You ever notice that?

Crystal healing, Energy Healing, Healing Arts.

Even things not meant to heal and are riddled with toxic chemicals are marketed as “healing”

Try this skin care product it will heal your insecurity about discoloration, and also cause cancer. 

Come in for this hair treatment to heal your frizz, pay no mind to the warning label that says contains known carcinogens when heated and the thing gets heated up.. NBD.

Treat yourself to this designer fashion with other peoples initials all over it to heal your sadness.

The issue that I have with all the healing is that something has to be broken if it needs to be healed.

Was my frizz broken, or is the idea of beauty standards of full moisturized hair broken?

Usually the only thing broken is the Perspective..

Don’t get me wrong I love crystals and energy work and even a toxic bags of Cheetos that feel healing with every finger lick.

You will often catch me taking a crystal healing nap, and I use them in every energy work session I do  with my clients.

But they don’t heal anything 

Because nothing was broken.

They do a thing or two, but it is certainly not healing if we use the true definition.

Healing means to bring back to a healthy state, and that’s the thing for me.

Half the time what we are trying to heal never started off in a healthy state. 

So really, what we are doing is inventing something totally new, yet calling it healing because its a fun word to toss around in marketing. 

So many times people are blocked energetically from childhood issues.

Did this pattern ever even start healthy?


So how does one heal it?

Take it back to its original source a level three reiki master, shaman, white lady will say.

What if that original source is a pretty shitty astrological placement?

Round and round we go.

Money out to chase the healing of something that never needed healing to begin with.

Most of the time these things need building, not healing.

Most of the time people come in looking to heal feelings caused by how they feel about someone else.

Years ago I read the works of Byron Katie and Pema Chodron and I began to understand something more clearly than I had before them.

It’s not them. It’s me.

When Byron Katie said its not my business what this person I love does, and its not my business what others say about me it clicked in with all the Things Fall Apart Pema had me on, but not fully understanding.

People want healing from they way a partners inability to love, or a Parents addiction makes them feel

But the truth of the icky feeling is its not in those people doing that annoying shit.

A person has to know that even if the people  around them apologize, change, miraculously discover the ability to be a full feeling human it still wont change the way  the person can feel so empty and useless sometimes.

Healing means to bring back to a healthy state.

Pay attention to buzz words and trends the spiritual world is not safe from them, and half the time the “healer” thinks they are doing the right thing too, because they never really stopped to ask what the word healing means.

Becoming “better” requires more allowing than it does healing.

It requires a level of accountability that most people are looking to pass along to a healer.

The word healer itself portrays a level of power dynamics that would have a person expecting miracles, but the truth is “healing” in the way Hay House and these coach pyramid schemes portray it is just for you to spend money.

Real healing is an inside job- 

I mean who can really know how to get something back to its original healthy functioning when it was a personal function to begin with?

All the folks like me out here doing energy work are just tour guides, and can only help those who are ready to be helped.

I wish Spirituality would catch the AA train, The modality fitting perfectly for any issue,

Step one admit you are powerless against your addiction.

Revise- Step one- Admit you are a participant on the fate train and could get kicked off at any time….

but, how many AA folks profit of the help they are giving to the other members?

Stay aware of how people even healers make you feel out there, and don’t get stuck paying someone to keep you in your needing to be healed pattern.




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