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Being an exclusive pumper  my pump is my most treasured possession at this point in my life.  Before I knew insurance covered a double breast pump I scored a hammie down on craigslist for 25 bucks. The woman had one child, and said she never used it. It works fine, but I have this reoccurring nightmare where my pump breaks and I have no way to feed the baby! At my pap smear this year I asked for the prescription  for the pump, and called my insurance……

The representative was very sweet, and stayed on the phone dishing out phone numbers of POSSIBLE places to fill the script. Ten calls later and the places that picked up did not order breast pumps. Well I did what anyone with access to google can do and googled how to fill breast pump prescriptions. That search led me here to Edgepark. In the search bar at the top right I entered in breast pump and ended up here.

I followed the directions and received an email that said they would contact me if there were any problems, and they would send me my package shipping information when it was ready. I did this on Monday. My pump came by Thursday.


The insurance pump comes with everything you need to start pumping!



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