Dead Marshmallows and Long Drives.

2015-07-01We drop off our oldest kid at away camp for two weeks every year, and take the little ones somewhere cool. Last year I woke up and impulsively decided to take an adventure to Sesame Place, which is about 4 hours away from us.

We did that trip in one day.

On the way home we hit New York construction traffic .

Lady Baby has never been a car sleeper. She woke up after a 2o minute nap freaking out. All while we ended up next to a live stock truck full of crying on their way to die animals….


This year since we have a baby I needed to curb my impulsive vacation nature and do a little planning. We decided to take the kids to The mountains in New Hampshire for a visit to Story Land.

It was going to be almost a 4 hour drive up North, but we were staying over night.

Apparently I thought this would make a difference.

On the way up we only started to lose it on the last stretch of mountain highway.

By highway I mean two lane roads with beware of Moose crossing signs.

OG kept asking every five minutes if we were there yet, Lady Baby calling my name over and over again with no question attached, and Last Baby yelling because sleeping in a car is just not something any of my kids like to do.

At this point I am breaking out in hysterical laughter, because there is no other way to handle this shit storm.

We stayed at the Red Jacket resort. It has an indoor water park, and rooms that have bunk beds in a separate area.

The hotel was on the older side, and at night you can hear every single thing your neighbors say.

I was also pretty sure the people upstairs brought an elephant with them on vacation, but the staff was over the top friendly and accommodating.

They also have a schedule of activities to do as a family.

Hubbs took the older two kids over to a marshmallow roasting while I stayed in to watch Teen Mom OG final reunion, while walking around the hotel room in circles trying to meet my step goal, and look after a sleeping baby.

When Lady Baby got back she told me her marshmellow died, and she no like it.

The water park is small. It was quiet when we went over, and although it was much smaller than I thought it would be it was perfect for keeping an eye on a brood of tiny minions.

I would go back, as soon as my children are no longer shitting themselves.

The biggest highlight of the trip for me was discovering this little ice cream shop that allowed you to make your own sundae.

After you choose your flavor you shuffle over to a buffet of toppings!!!

It was the

We hit up Story Land on a perfect sunshine day. Story Land has not changed much since I was last there in 1992, but it was still so much fun to ride on swan boats, and take the railroad around the park. So many times OG wanted to ride a roller coaster or some other make you sick ride and Lady Baby was just a little too short.

We only made it in the park for two hours. It was most certainly not worth the 100.00 it cost to get in, but that is only because we were under chaperoned. Had we had enough adults it would have been worth every penny.

The ride home was TERRIBLE.

Maybe we were all cranky form lack of sleep. I don’t know, but it was a complete shit show.

I have vowed to not take a baby anywhere on vacation again.

Shit, I vow to not drive his little bald ass anywhere that is 40 minutes away.

I have children who refuse to sleep in the car.

I thought this was an oxy moron before I had OG.

Then one day  in my early Mothering career, on 15 minute drive to get a coffee when he was a few weeks old I learned that some babies hate the car, and I better learn how to like home made coffee.

This coming from the girl who would take a  drive just for the fun of it.

Touche Universe.



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