10 Things to Do With Kids This Sumer For Less Than An Ice Coffee.

The Summer. We spent long late Winter days digging ourselves out of snow drifts waiting for this! Kids home from school looking at you to fill the summer with countless adventures.  You looking at your bank account dwindling from those stupid ice dams that damaged so much more then your roof.  Here are some great places to take the kids that are FREE!!!

nashpark 1. Kidfest at Cinema World in Lincoln is back again! This years free movie line up includes the Lego Movie, Sponge Bob and Lady babies new favorite movie Paddington.

2. One Friday night a month from 5-8pm the Providence Children’s Museum is free thanks to Met Life. You can find the calendar here. Just look for Met Life family Friday!

3. Need a free place to swim and catch a tan? Visit Lincoln Woods. This was a summer spot of ours when I was growing up. My Mom LOVED to lather up with some baby oil and  roast herself on some sand. She liked to do it even more if I had my cousins and a swimming hole near by to occupy myself with.

4. Visit one of the States awesomest play grounds The Impossible Dream loctated in Warwick RI. The impossible Dream does ask for a donation to help preserve it’s awesomeness.

5.  Another great place to play, exercise and swim is Warwick City Park.  I moved to central Rhode Island almost a year and a half ago.  I might as well have moved to a new state! Thankfully my BFF has lived this way for a while and has showed me all the back roads and cool spots to help my transition not be so rough.  Warwick City Park has most certainly filled my longing for a stroll around Lincoln Woods. This park is actually more diverse. Offering a playground and various sports fields to keep you busy for an entire day.

6. Get that Summer READING started with a visit to the Cumberland Library. This Library is by far my favorite. Not because it is as cool as the Warwick Library, but because there is a Super Fun playground on the grounds. I spent many days hanging at this park with my Sister Wife who lives in Northern RI when our boys were small fries. Theres a Sandbox, a stage, and two separate climbers for big kids and little kids.

7. Rainy day, but you are still looking to have books inspire your child? No worries. Take a  trip to the Warwick Library. The children’s room will make any book lover melt.

I spent most of my childhood with my head in a book. Being a Bullied elementary school kid left me mostly friendless.  I found that sticking my head in a book could keep me mostly invisible, and entertained. When I walked into the Warwick Library for the first time I had to take a minute to allow that feeling of pure joy wash over me. I could spend all day there.

The great thing about any Library is that they have a slew of things you can do for FREE! Each branch will have it’s own activities. Most are online in the calendar sections. My local Library has a  great story time, babies and books, and great teen groups. If you are searching online and can’t seem to find a calendar just give the branch a call. Libraries are a Phenomenal resource in the fight against spending.

8. Free Crafts on Saturday at Lakeshore Learning! Honestly you can go into this store just to play. They always have toys on display, but on Saturday they offer a FREE CRAFT!

People tell me all the time they are not crafty. They ask how I am so crafty?  I just smile and say anyone can be crafty. We live in a Pinterest Era, but if you still feel intimidated by crafts head over to Lakeshore. They will craft you out, and leave you inspired to try it yourself at home. The closest store to us  in RI  is in Cranston. 1400 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston, RI 02920.

Ask for David  and tell him Janika sent you 🙂

9. Providence offers 11 free parks with water features !  Lets be serious it is FREAKING HOT sometimes, and what better way to spend it then submerged in water. Pack up the cooler and hit the road to the capital city for an afternoon of slides, and spray parks.

10. Visit PARL. What a great way to get our kids talking about community service! They get to look at handsome kitty cats, and bunnies, and if they are not afraid of echoed barking some puppa doodles, all while listening to you talk about animal shelters, and how we can give back to people doing such hard work! PARL has a list of ways people of all ages can help  their mission.




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