The Mommy Wars will Never End.

I hate this. We have this idea of ending the Mommy Wars,but we never ever will. Because of shit like this. This picture is a bold face lie. Regardless of your faith most people would call humanity a miracle, but it is bullshit when you tell me a kid is not a problem, burden, nuisance, […]

How I afford to stay home with my kids.

I hear a lot of Moms say they wish they could afford to stay home with their kids. Im going to share how I do that. My families  not rich  by any means for a 6 person family we made around 70,000 dollars last year.  Granted that is double the amount  of the poverty level […]

The Problem is Not the Problem.

Everyone I know would like to do something differently. Whether its being what they would consider to be a better Mother, a skinnier human, a more productive  person. Whatever. Everyone I know is always trying to do something better. Im going to talk about the Mother one today, because the skinnier person one still eludes […]