Bitter Looks Bad on Everyone.

10898206_766248156805821_2761765907809680702_nI  live in Patriots nation. You can imagine that when the ruling on Brady went down my news feed was blown up by pissed off fans. I came across this dolled up 6 pack and cannot understand how people can be so irresponsible.  Lets break down this picture starting at the top.

1: Ray Lewis: Arrested in 2000 in connection to a homicide. He takes a deal to testify against the other two guys he was with that night, and gets a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice. In 2004 the two men with him were acquitted of all charges.

The Prosecutor in this trial obviously felt like the other two had more to do with the crime, hence the deal. Whether or not this is a case of sloppy prosecuting no where on his record does it say murderer. He was also fined by the NFL for his involvement.  The only semi shady part about this is that Ray Lewis was sued and settled with the family of the slain man, but in America circumstantial evidence only gets you convicted in the media.

2. Money Maywheather: Prosecuted woman beater yes, but am I confused because he’s a boxer and I thought we were talking about football? Secondly, who dates a guy who changed his name to Money?!?!?!

3. Ben Roethlisberger: This one is the WORST.  In 2008  and 2010 Roethlisberger was accused of rape. In both incidents the accusations did not have enough evidence to go to trial. The 2008 incident had friends of the “victim” telling police that she was bragging about sleeping with him and hoped she got pregnant. In both cases he is accused but not convicted.   Hypothetically What if it was your son?  Apparently innocent until proven guilty is a foreign concept.

Roethlisberger is suspended for 6 games appealed down to 4 by the NFL. He also settles with the 2008 girl after she filed a civil suit. Again, the civil suits adds some shadow to innocence, but in truth these guys have the capital, and probably do not want to drudge up the stories again. Shaking the title rapist is not so easy. Secondly  the “Artist” probably just threw him in there so his ass did not look racist.

4: Ray Rice:  Well we all know this story. The NFL initially gave him a 3 day suspension, and then changed it to an indefinite suspension after it went viral. The suspension was overturned to one year after appeal. My take on this story: In the video this woman was his fiance and then she went on to MARRY him. If she thinks its ok who am I to say otherwise. He is not my husband.

5:  Adrian Peterson: This is another more recent case. Adrian Peterson beat the living day lights out of his son. He was convicted of child abuse. After an appeal he was suspended for the year without pay. Hitting kids is not only ineffective, but damaging we have learned that over time, however my sweet, loving old Grandparents kicked the shit out of both my parents and they turned out alright, and went on to break that cycle because they never once laid a hand on me. Hopefully now that Peterson knows better he will do better.

The main theme with all these cases is that these moral transgressions founded or not

happened off of company time! 

They had NOTHING to do with the job. These guys are hired to play foot ball.  What Devils they dance with off the clock is only our business because they are famous.  Brady broke a work related rule. WORK RELATED. 

People are outraged that his suspension is double what Ray Rice got initially, but people please.  Lord knows after the appeal this will go down to 2 games not 4. The NFL loves to dish out the max and then get over ruled. 

 Is the entire “deflate gate” one of the stupidest things to happen this year? Yes, but even the lamest of rules when broken merit consequences.

You and I and everyone else in the world speeds. Even if its just 5 miles over the speed limit. We know we could get tagged at any minute by some cop who also speeds. We take this risk because driving 25 miles an hour not in a school zone is bullshit. We take a RISK. We know that it is against the rules and if caught we have to suffer consequences.

To the idiot who made this picture: I am not sure if you missed it ,but there was an earthquake in  Nepal that killed 8,000 people. Why not use your skills not to degrade people ,but to raise some money to help people? And instead of sharing smut why not share some love on your facebook feed.


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