WWE Night Of Champions

 This is a This Girl Talks Wrestling Post about WWE Night of Champions

WWE Night of champions should show the fans of WWE we are back to a Triple H era in time.

Seth Rollins vs AJ styles-

What a stunner.


Thank You.

Seth Rollins Gear was amazing, and the gold nail polish was perfect.

It did have me wondering though- how does Seth Rollins get to have a leopard crotch cut out, but the girls cant even show forearms????

Meanwhile the Marketing continues to tell us numerous times throughout the program that Jeddah is a progressive city, yet still girls wrists are an issue? Things that make you go hmmmm

Let me talk about AJ Styles.

I mean, I cant even begin to explain the way my heart feels when I am privileged enough to see AJ Styles in the ring.

While Seth was letting in the songs at the end I was saying #ThankYouAJStyles in mind.

I appreciate the Renaissance man quality of the boy form Iowa that is Seth Rollins, and I am certainly not mad to see him win, but AJ Styles man. I am a forever fan of the Phenomenal One.

Trish Stratus vs Becky Lynch-

I hope Trish stratus proved to Jeddah that you can have a girl in neck to foot covering but you cant hide a beautiful bum.


Thank you baby jesus for the gift of sight, and for being able to see Trish Stratus’s bum in that gear.

It was like covering it up made it so much more sumptuous.

I like the story line with these two. I myself was  inspired majorly by Lita

My 21st birthday cake had a Lita bikini pic on it…. #teamextreme #foreverever

I hated Trish in her early days.

The days of bra and panties, and mud matches, and so much other bullshit degradation woman had to suffer.

Trish came back from an injury and to my dismay blew my mind.

She Changed my mind too.

This match proved once again why Trish Stratus is the G.O.A.T in WWE

Thank You Trish is a real thing.

I myself like Becky least out of the horse woman. She does the job, but I never really felt her like I did the other three.

She is Just not my style, but I do appreciate her skill set in the ring and dont doubt the product when she is in the vs spot.

Gunther vs  Mustafa Ali.

Do I have to?


first it starts off with Ali doing all the Saudi Arabia things, which is beautiful, but did they only pick him because he resembles the host city???????????????

I would have rather seen Stupid ass Austin Theory getting some culture, even Dolph Ziggler rather than the guy who blends in…..

meanwhile Mustafa Ali is an unbelievable performer.


Gunther is gross.

Big, Thick, And Brutish.

So he will keep winning.

Lord help all the Mustafa Ali’s, Ricochet’s and Chad Gables that WWE has no idea how to use.

Auska vs Bianca Belair

This match made it solid in my mind that Triple H is back in business.

Giving the Empress of  Tomorrow the belt that she held under his NXT reign for a year undefeated.

honestly this intrigues me.

I like Bianca Belair. I love her look, her lipstick, her attitude, her whole presence.

But, she lacks the grit of Charlotte Flair.

The girls that had a point to prove.

Bianca is a great show woman she is a great in ring performer, an unbelievable athlete, but I never feel like she’s got the die for it passion the four horsewomen presented us.

This  opinion is coming from a girl who came back into wrestling when only Bayley was left at NXT.

I went to see NXT live before ever watching it on TV, and as soon as Bayley’s music came on I started crying.

My Dad asked- “Jenika do you know this girl?”

No, I did not, but I felt her.

I saw Bianca live and stood in awe. My daughter and I at the same time saying “She’s so sparkly!!!”

I do think she could be the Woman’s divisions version of John Cena though, but knowing Triple H who never let Bianca Belair win a belt in NXT he will most likely have her turn heel for a while.

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar-

listen guys.

I dont drink the Lesnar Kool Aide.

He’s yucky to me. His shorts are always falling off, he is slightly orange, and I can’t even.

I dont want to watch this unattractive pale man suplex people while he loses his own clothing.

Some lady does.

Good for her, but it is not me.

I dont drink the Cody Rhodes juice either. Proving to you that wrestling is def dominated by dudes because dudes love these guys.

it is unreal how loud dudes scream at live shows for Brock Lesnar.  It always has me wondering if we are watching the same thing.

The Main Event:

Any time you hear Kevin Owens music hit you know its going to be a good match.

This pairing is immediately a feel good, know you are about to see quality time.

I loved how hype the crowd was for Sami Zayne and with his language skills they should have sent his ginger Canadian ass with Mustafa Ali to do all the cultural things!

Roman Regins. I dunno why he is who he has been in the business- but the company loves him.

I am just glad he takes his shirt off now, because Im not into his matches either, but at least he is nice to look at it.

I mean  Aquaman has nothing on Roman Regins.

I love the Uso’s and it’s about time they dumped their toxic family relationship on the show.

In my house when my kids ask why when I say no- I tell them because this is the Uso penitentiary.

WWE Night of Champions was great and I cant say that often about a special.

It was probably so great because I didn’t have to see Stupid Austin Theory….

Cheers to Monday Night Raw and it being the only time I have ever wanted Rhonda Rousey to win anything in WWE.





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