Snowflakes are the Problem

Jae Arel

I think Snowflakes are the Problem. I remember hearing the quote about snowflakes, you know the one that says they look the same far away, but up close they are all different. This made us all want to embrace our uniqueness like the beautiful, majestc, glistening, flake of weather we are. I remember loving this […]

How to Deal with The Polar Vortex in Your Life.

“8 Toxic People to Remove From Your Life.”  I can save you the trouble of reading it and let you know the count down. 1. Judgmental people 2. Envious people 3. Control Freaks 4. Arrogant People 5. People who love to be the Victim 6. Negative Nancies 7. Liars 8. Gossipers. Now these articles get […]