Two Kids Two Years Apart Isn’t as Bad as I Thought it Would Be.

¬†Yesterday at Gymboree a tiny wide eyed little toddler came fumbling over to where Last Baby and I were watching Lady Baby and Hubbs partake in a class about mail. She gave me a timid little smile and then looked over at Last Baby, and touched his toes. Her Mom was not far behind her. […]

Revolutionary Guide to Baby Shower Gifting

  I love baby parties. Showers,Sprinkles Gatherings whatever. I love them. What I do not love is bad gifting.     ¬†¬† Lets revolutionize how we think about baby party gifts!   Stop Buying Clothes! Yes those clothes are super adorable and sweet, but unless you’re a great Aunt or Grandma stop it. You are […]

This is the Tale all about how I Became an Exclusive Pumper.

I never thought about breast feeding OG baby. I said I did back then, but really the thought was so fleeting it should not have been considered an actual thought. I knew I was not going to breast feed him , and that was that. It was only 6 years ago, but the hospitals weren’t […]