Middle Child

Today I felt like a bad Mother. Not for the  typical reasons one might think a stay at home mom would think she is a bad mother. I was a badass stay at home mother today;I baked muffins, made an obstacle course, snuggled up and watched Bubble Guppies, had a lively dance party that included […]

How to Deal with The Polar Vortex in Your Life.

“8 Toxic People to Remove From Your Life.”  I can save you the trouble of reading it and let you know the count down. 1. Judgmental people 2. Envious people 3. Control Freaks 4. Arrogant People 5. People who love to be the Victim 6. Negative Nancies 7. Liars 8. Gossipers. Now these articles get […]

My Kid is a Monster, and it’s MY FAULT.

I take Lady Baby to open gym at Gymboree. If you are fortunate enough to have one next to you, and have a child 4 and under you should look in to joining.  Lady Baby has so much fun. She does her class once a week, and then we try to go to open gym […]