Fathers Day Interview!

It is almost that time! We get to celebrate our baby Daddies! Here is a free interview for the kids to do to make Fathers day gifts more memorable and less material. Save yourself the $3.50 for a card and just print this for free! I know my baby Daddy appreciates a $3.50 coffee over […]

Vision List

In my journals you will find pages dedicated to lists of things I want to accomplish. I have been doing this since I was a young girl. Pouring out my angsty feelings in the pages of a new Diary I had just bought myself from Hallmark. I did not know this was a power of […]

Mothers Day Freebie!

I am sharing one of my favorite Mothers day activities! A tangible piece of time. Raising kids is heartbreakingly beautiful. Most times I sit around a crowded dinner table with a screaming toddler, whiny baby, and bickering boys and it makes me sad. Not because its loud and obnoxious, but because one day not to far […]