When I Hear Music

dmxI have been listening to ALOT of Wayne Dyer lately.

I have to say I love hi,m and all the the things he says. He has validated things I have felt for a long time, but we disagree on one thing. His ideas about Music.

Wayne says that Rap music has a low energy field. That it weakens you. I think he means any music that seems angry. Although he singles out Rap in most of his talks…..

(If you can hear me Wayne I think maybe you weren’t listening right)

I thought of him this morning as I was on the arc trainer doing intervals at level 6.

Sweating, miserable, not feeling like it.

There is no way on Gods green Earth that I could push through a workout listening to  the sweet low tones of John Mayer….. I mean in reality I would not listen to John Mayer for any reason at all, but you get what I mean.

So it got me thinking.

There are times in your life where you have to dig your heels in, and put in work. You have to tell your ego to take a seat because you are going to push through and do something hard. You are going tell the voices in your head saying you can’t do this it’s too hard to shut the fuck up.  I am going to do that with DMX barking in my ear. I am going to kick the shit out of my doubt to the raspy, low rattling of Vinnie Paz.

The reason I know that angry music is just as important as the sound of crashing waves on this journey is because I birthed a baby to angry, vulgar rap music.

As Last Baby made his way into the world we listened to John Legend and India Arie. The actual playlist on my Spotify is named 7cm. The low mellow, beautiful, soul inspiring tunes kept me calm, and breathing.

However, when transition phase came on It was me and DMX.

Dig your heels in and get to work.

I get Wayne’s theory about it. He says it lowers your energy field with all it’s fire. I am not taking my morning stroll raging out to some Disturbed, but when I am doing cardio on an arc trainer it’s what makes me push harder. I don’t think a spin class would survive with chanting as it’s music choice. Sometimes you need Fire.

In my valuable opinion the world is better when there is a little Nas on the soundtrack.

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