The Consequences of Laundry.

messy-closet1Growing up I had expectations to meet.

I had to clean the bathroom until My Mom said it was clean, which was always approved by the fourth inspection.

I had to get good grades.

I am not talking about passing grades here either.

I had to get good grades, or my life turned into a phone dessert of misery.

I had to pick up after myself, and keep my clothes that my mother would spend ironing on a Sunday afternoon neat in my closet.

If she found clothes off hangers, and piled up on the closet floor she would lose her shit.

Looking back on that now I get how inconsiderate seeing those hours of her Sunday on the bottom of the floor must have felt like,but  back then I  thought she was a touch on the control freak side.

I do not iron.

My feeble attempts at it just cause more wrinkles.

If something really needs to be ironed I still hand it over to my Mother.

I may not iron, but I have inherited my mothers thoughts on clothing care.

These things cost me money that I would rather spend on iced coffee, out of control electricity bills due to central air, and books.

The first time I catch a clothing offense I pull a My Mother and lose my shit.

I yell.

Flare my eyes, and tell them to fix the situation.

The next time I stop doing their laundry

If they really are so crazy that a third time  comes around I stop buying them clothes.

So today when my soon to be middle schooler who did laundry just yesterday decided to throw his newly washed clothes all over the closet, and just leave the rest in his hamper I gave him a picture of the pile of new school clothes I bought him.

And two pairs of jeans to replace the ones with holes in them in the draw.

I have my limits on tough love.

I will be returning the rest of the clothes and spending some money to replace my sneakers which have holes so big that I gather a collection of pebbles from a short walk into a store.

I get kids are kids, but when exactly should we start requiring them to be accountable?

I’m not a slave or a martyr.

Mostly I hope in doing this they grow up and learn faster then I did that when you disrespect your stuff no one pays for it but you.

Then they can spend some grown up time learning fun things.

Like how to parasail.








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