Today I am up on my soap box talking about open letters on social media. If me screaming in the title didn’t already tell you that.

These testaments of inadequacy that people feel the need to write to explain themselves to people who are going to continue to judge them anyway make me insane!!

The thing about people is, no one changes their mind because they read some whiny open letter on Facebook about why you’re buying baby formula, and were judged for not breast feeding( by some lady in the baby isle who was probably buying packaged baby food, and someone else judged her later in line for not making her own.)

The person giving you the dirty look could give a shit about your circumstances. If they had considered your circumstances they wouldn’t have rolled their eyes at you in the first place.

The thing about people is, they always have something to say about something.

I’m  guilty of revealing my feelings about things other people do thorough my facial expressions. I do this every time I walk by a Donald Trump “make America great again” sign (that was probably printed in China). I do it every time I see someone pile driving a fast food burger in their mouth in the  car. (OMG watch Food Inc ALREADY)

I can’t understand why either of these things are acceptable to other people, but guess what? After my look of confusion mixed with disgust falls away I stopped thinking about it, because really I could give a shit. The moment of attention I give to other people doing shit I consider to be strange and unusual is fleeting. No one cares. No one cares for longer than two minutes, but someone out there feels so ashamed they have to pen an open letter to gain understanding. That is not about the person with the snarky comment, or eye roll, that is about the person receiving them.

These  stupid open letters are just cries of self confidence issues. The writers are broken somewhere and think that justifying what they do will make them feel better, but it never will. You have to feel alright with your choices. You have to stop thinking your power is in someone else.

Other people cannot truly validate you. Only you can do that. Other people can not make you feel guilty about your choices, only you can do that. 

No open letter will do that for you. These writers and every single person liking them has to remember some wise words from

Salt n Pepa “Opinions are like assholes and every bodies got one.

Here is  some more advice.

Get over it.

If you feel ashamed about something like buying formula when you’re pumping like an animal then deal with it. Lord knows that was me, buying formula just in case, or in the beginning when I couldn’t produce enough breast milk even though I woke up every two hours to pump for Last Baby. Even if I was doing all I  could do I was judging myself so why wouldn’t I  expect someone else not to judge me? 

Let people talk about you. Who cares!? Everyone talks about everyone else. How about you just expect that and instead get right with your choices.



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