Signing Off as Don’t Let the Mini Van Fool You.

This is my last blog as Don’t Let the Mini Van Fool You.

I needed the blog to write out loud. To feel worthy enough to say the things that gnaw at the insides of my chest begging to be let out without fear of consequence. To feel like a writer, to feel like myself.

My affection for this blog, and everyone who took the time to read it is beyond words.  Even if you were just reading it out of spite, any fan is a fan after all.


It is time to retire this part of my life to the archives, for all the new beginning mothers, wives, girl wrestling fans, and anyone else who needs some hope to hold.

Life is tough, but your tougher.

The next step in character evolution is underway, if this were wrestling it would be when they take someone off  T.V. in order to reestablish the dominance, of a should be brand dominant female, their bad writing let fall to the way side…. #sashabanksisbae.

Granted there is no bad writing here, but when a woman can plug bae, she should.

In all honesty I am closing out Don’t Let the Mini Van Fool You, because I need to buy a Truck that can pull a camper around this country with my wild brood of humans in it, the brand would have been inconsistent, if I kept the name Don’t Let the Mini Van Fool You, and that is not ever an option.

My husband is so mad at me for SEO purposes though, sorry babe. Got to follow my heart (said in Braveheart voice)

I picked the name Don’t Let the Mini Van Fool You, because people often judge a woman in a minivan as a breeder, with bad style choices, who over uses the word kiddos. I am here to tell you that I am still a Princess, and bad style choices are the ones that hurt your health, the person who made the products health, or the environments health. Everything else is just expression and being yourself is what I preach ova here.

I will still be blogging, and better yet offering services like tarot readings, monthly astrology forecasts, crystal boxes, reiki, and so much more, to help everyone, including myself stay brave, when fear is at its loudest.

Meet me at Black Sheep Pink Unicorn a healing company for all the magic, wit, and often offensive fun.

NO, I have no date set up, for re- launch, respect the fact that I brood a lot. I will be there ASAP.  I have been working on web content, and building crystal boxes while binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 7. That is a good sign, because Buffy really motivates a girl to get her shit together and slay. Start watching while you wait for me!

Glitter Up Butter Cups, we have a world to save!


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