Season Wars

fallIt is seasonal Facebook fight time.

The people tiered of the New England summer, riddled with thick humidity, and bad hair days enters the dog days.

School is only a week away, and we forget that summer is not technically over until September 21.

People start craving boots, tights, and pumpkin flavored everything.

The posts about being excited for the fall come pouring in, and the summer lovers go nuts.

I often wonder how many posts it takes to set someone off.

Sometimes the posts are down right rude.

“I am at the beach right now, and all these idiots are posting about missing fall. ITS SUMMER PEOPLE!!!”

Most years when school is looming I too join in  for the longing for fall.

For morning walks so crisp  you can smell the season change, for corn mazes, and trick or treating.

I’m never longing for pumpkin anything. That shit is disgusting to me.

However, coming off a winter that has cost me 20,000 dollars in roof damage that my insurance is trying not to pay has me in a different mind set this year.

I walk outside and feel the air so thick you could grab a knife and take a slice out of it. I can feel my hair growing wider with every step I take, and I don’t mind at all.

Let it stay just like this until I deal with the beams in my attic that cracked from the weight of last winter.


I can’t understand what the big deal is with the people wishing for fall.

We live in a world that pushes ahead of the seasons.

Leaving summer on clearance the first week of August.

We are always in a rush,

What is it you expect when pumpkin beer is sitting on a shelf in the middle of August?

Fall is one of the many  reasons why  people love New England.

Traveling from near and far to watch our leaves burst with color, and then fall to their death.

It is one of the most anticipated times of the year.

A few weeks of perfection before we fall into a deep freeze.

Chill out summer people.

No matter how many posts there are about someone pumped up for the fall it isn’t going to come any faster then mother nature intends.

You can try to breathe while you sit outside and roll your eyes, or you can smile with the thoughts of hot apple cider and gourds at the farmers market, because you know just as well as I do there is nothing more perfect than a Fall in New England.

Other than babies snuggled next to you in your bed.


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