Needles and Bird Feeders

grackle-in-cherry-tree Here is part two in my Spirit Awakens series. If you need to catch up on the first part of this story just click here.

So after my nothing is in your face Mrs. Areal cat scan results I decided to go to acupuncture. Acupuncture sounded much better to me than sitting in an MRI for an hour. I’m not claustrophobic, but if you have ever had an MRI you know that it is not the most pleasant test to undergo. I had done acupuncture before when I was late with Last Baby. I had to be induced with OG, and I was under no circumstances allowing that to happen to me again. I did not immediately go into labor,but I had some very interesting effects from that treatment. Moving on.

While chatting with Lady Bestie about my new course of action to figure out what was going on with me she gave me the name of a local acupuncturist. Her exact text stated “here is my guy. He changed my life.” With a referral like that, how could I say no?

While waiting for my appointment I was demoralisingly dizzy. I was bitchy, tired and pizza had become a main food group. Yes, I know none of that is really helpful, but after six weeks of  bullshit I was in a dark place.

The treatment room was in the back of a quaint little garden house. I was escorted into the second room. The room had an enormous window right at treatment  table level. Outside the window is a low tree with bird  and squirrel feeders all around it. While we were sitting there chatting about my symptoms a gofer came right up to the window and indulged in some breakfast.

The first appointment was more like a holistic doctors appointment. We sat and talked for an hour,and as I talked to this man I found myself figuring out so much about where, and when I started hiding myself from myself. He gave me his diagnosis of my wood element being misaligned… (that’s what she said) I understand that sounds like some crazy shit, but read on and I might change your mind.

I sat in a chair and he put a series of needles in my back. I immediately felt like some force inside myself was yanking my soul down into my feet. The tension in my shoulders and neck disappeared before he took that round of needles out.  After the back needles he moved on to my feet, neck, stomach, and head. While I was laying on the table I fixated on the birds, and random woodland creatures coming up to the feeders for a snack. Who would have known a bird feeder could be so moving.

By the time the treatment for that day was over I knew it had moved whatever was ailing me around in my body. Every symptom I had other than the dizziness was gone, and the dizziness itself had moved from the top of my head to over my eyes and was only on one side.

When I stood up I could feel that my left side was on the ground, but the right side was still trying to float up and away, and until it was put back down on the ground the dizzy feeling was going to follow me around. A few days later the dizziness dissipated only to come back a few days later. I had another appointment coming up and was really looking forward to being rid of it.

The second treatment decreased my dizzy days to only two that week.

The last treatment left me with only one dizzy day.

After that  third appointment my acupuncturist said I should be feeling better, and if not to call him, but we didn’t need any more standing appointments.

That was two weeks ago.

Whatever was happening to me was spiritual.  My soul had produced these crazy psychosomatic symptoms to get my attention, and it had most certainly worked. The acupuncture might have cleared the energy, and moved it where it was supposed to go, but it was up to me to make sure my body never reacted to my emotions like that again.

This is really where the story begins.

Until part three. <3

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Needles and Bird Feeders

Here is part two in my Spirit Awakens series. If you need...
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