Marathon Dad is Awesome

Quotes-about-time We have all read the viral post about the Dad who wrote his kids principal back after her snarky letter concerning the children’s vacation that took place during a regular school week. I myself saw it posted all over my feed yesterday, and all my friends where virtually high fiving this Dad for his polite response.

I live in New England though, and the Boston Marathon to us is like a holiday. So it was not surprising that a family would take time out of school to venture to the marathon.

Today I was trolling Scary Mommy’s face book page and was really taken aback by some of the responses. People called the kids entitled, that school is like work and you cant just take a random day off without consequences.

Some examples:

“If you pull your kids out of school for something other than illness or whatever is considered excused by your school district there are consequences. Stop giving kids a sense of entitlement by throwing hissy fits thinking the rules shouldn’t apply to you.”

“P.S. I get annoyed by families who can’t schedule week-and-a-half long Disney and/or cruise vacations during school breaks, but I try to demur, not knowing the parents’ work responsibilities at those times nor other factors.”

I could cry………..

This Dad in no way fights the absences being ruled as un excused he simply lets the Principal know how he feels about it.

I pull my kids out through out the year for random bunk days. Shit we aren’t going to a history rich event, watching our loved ones complete personal goals. We are sitting on the air mattress eating popcorn watching movies. These kids are in school 5 days a week 6 hours a day. Sometimes a crappy weekend of time isn’t enough . Sometimes I just want to spend more  time loving my children.

It was standardized testing week. Lets be serious people. Those tests are as useless as the garlic press sitting in your junk draw. They teach our children nothing except how to fill in a circle appropriately. I remember those weeks at school, and they were terrible. As if school isn’t shitty enough sometimes? It’s like working with your least favorite client for a week straight no breaks.

 This generation of kids is entitled. They walk around cell phone in hand, using the word fleek, and thinking Drake is gangsta rap.  

A family choosing to take a trip on a non vacation week does not make them entitled. It makes those kids lucky. Lucky that their parents understand that being a family is more important than following the norm.   Spending Time together doing things that enrich our lives can do nothing but build strong character.

I’m sad for the people who think this Dad is a douche. It adds to our miserable 9-5 mentality. We are watching our lives roll by. Following one after the other to get nowhere. You must attend school at all times unless ill, You must file one in back of the other to grow up and live an existence where you dread the job that you work at to afford the house your never home in.

This is our life right now.

Besides missing some days of school for illegitimate reasons is not going to effect your child’s chances of attending Harvard. Lighten up man.


I gave this Dad some serious props, because the first thing I thought when I read the principals  letter was an Eminem Verse.

“You can suck my dick if you don’t like my shit.”

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