Don’t fall for the “Click Bait”

booker-t-washington-quotes-20150308134738-54fc52fa52b70-m5xis4rtu87ii7xysv3onpqi0n0d6sr2qd3zv7i3xsOn Facebook I follow a very cool place here in RI. They have classes for toddlers and are overall an amazing resource for new and seasoned Moms alike.

Today they posted this story they found on Buzz Feed.  “9 reasons why your baby doesn’t sleep thru the night and why that’s a good thing.”

Lets begin to talk about why this article is 50 shades of a marketing technique.

  1. IT’S IN COUNTDOWN FORM. We love that shit. I swear to God we could entitle an article about anything and do it in count down form and people swarm to it like its free dollars.
  2. NOT ONE time does he elaborate on a study done to find this info.

( I have messaged the author for this info)

He uses quotes from TWO Doctors. TWO. Just two Doctors researching the subjects of infant sleep. Basically the article should be called why Dr Peter Fleming thinks your baby not sleeping thru the night is a good thing because he is quoted for over 90 percent of the article.

Let me get this right. You will take what a buzzfeed reporter quoted from mostly  1 Dr as Law? Interesting. How many Doctors would you see if one told you had incurable cancer? Maybe you would get a second and even third opinion?

  1. Why do we always need to put eachother down to pick ourselves up? This article takes the people like me who have babies that sleep 12 hours, and tries to imply that we are wrong, and you, Mom who wakes up with her baby through out the night is right. Guess what?! We can both be right. Again Parenting has measurable success. Is your baby happy, and healthy? Are you happy?  Guess what then? We are both right! YAY! We didn’t even need some trash filled article to feel better.

I have had three babies. The first one did not sleep for a long time, because I had no idea what I was doing. Number two and three were both sleeping 12 hours by 8 and 9 weeks old WITHOUT crying. Not even a little crying. I got a few yells but no full blown fits. My third child is breast fed also. So yes it can be done, if that’s what you want to do. My babies are assholes when they don’t sleep, and so am I. This works for me and my family, and if you want that for yours achieve that goal. If you want to wake up to hold your precious little nugget at night then you should. Lord knows babies don’t keep. Let’s stop using these craptastic articles to feel better.. Lets start raising each other up instead.

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